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BMTech - Building Materials Technology

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The Mission

BMTech holds the distinction of being the first IANZ accredited Type A inspection company in passive fire protection in New Zealand. Beyond inspection, BMTech offers a comprehensive range of services, including passive fire design & specification review and passive fire consultancy.

Recognizing the importance of a strong and cohesive brand, BMTech entrusted the Fyre Dynamics team to create a professional and consistent brand identity. The project encompassed a refreshing transformation of various branding aspects:

  • Logo, Font, and Graphics Refreshment 
  • New Website
  • New Company Profile

While working with BMTech, we were on a mission to highlight their leadership and exclusive position in passive fire protection and establish a lasting impression with a visually appealing and consistent brand presence.

The Work

During the initial discussion, the Client made their preferences clear, expressing a strong desire for navy blue to be the dominant color in their brand, as it holds international significance as an inspection color. Additionally, they sought to convey the values of precision, integrity, and expertise through a strict square design.

Our team of experts, guided by the Client's vision, took on the challenge of structuring the BMTech website in the most efficient and user-friendly manner. Our copywriter placed necessary emphasis on BMTech's prized IANZ accreditation, which serves as a key leverage for their team. Furthermore, we diligently elaborated on the array of services offered by BMTech, ranging from PS2 & PS4 authoring to design review, 3rd party inspection, and passive fire consultancy.

In line with the Client's objectives, Fyre Dynamics also played a vital role in crafting the website's content. Our expertise ensured that the words perfectly complemented the visual elements, effectively communicating BMTech's core values and capabilities to their audience.

Building upon the foundation laid by the website, the BMtech company profile was thoughtfully constructed, mirroring the chosen branding style for the company. By integrating content from the website, we created a cohesive and impactful company profile that further reinforces BMTech's distinguished brand identity.

In the end, our collaborative efforts resulted in an impressive online presence for BMTech, showcasing their industry expertise and commitment to excellence in passive fire protection.



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Website Design & Development

Our web design expert worked on the BMtech website UI/UX, featuring refreshed brand identity.

While going through the options of the BMTech website design we suggested a paper like background which would associate with the specifications, reporting and consultancy services this engineering team provides.

The website is fully customised being tuned to the BMTech branding style (colors, font, iconography, page layouts).

The website is being backed up by a robust SEO strategy, which is currently pushing the website up in the organic rankings.
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