Marketing Strategy & Opportunities

Unlock opportunities in the fire protection industry. Whether you are:

  • An international player eager to enter the New Zealand market with your fire-rated products or services,
  • A local player exploring opportunities for a new fire-rated product or system,
  • An industry distributor seeking guidance for fire testing of your new or existing fire-rated product (including AS1530.4, AS1530.1, ISO9705, ISO5660, tunnel testing, or other fire testing).

Fyre Dynamics is your partner for success. Situated within an IANZ accredited laboratory of fire resistance testing, our team possesses the expertise and business insights to turn your goals into reality.

Our Process

marketing research

Industry Research

Market research is a vital part of any successful marketing strategy. In Fyre Dynamics we pay special attention to the data, insights, and industry intelligence. This informed position in the industry makes our effort for the strategy compiling most effective for the New Zealand fire protection industry.

The in-depth understanding of our Client’s target audience is our leverage and the value we offer to our clients.
communication channels

Guidance with fire testing programme

The team in Fyre Dynamics is a bunch of fire-savvy people. So whether you need fire resistance testing, group number fire testing, non-combustibility testing, full-scale room test or cone calorimeter test for your research and development work we are happy to share the knowledge and provide our support.
journey mapping

Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is a critical component of understanding and optimising the customer experience from start to finish. In this exercise we: 

  • identify customer touchpoints to analysis the areas for improvement in the customer experience,
  • optimise Customer Journey and enhance the customer experience for better results and engagement,
  • gather customer feedback for valuable insights into customer opinions and preferences.
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